Corporate Overview

Founded in 1996, PetMeds is Your Trusted Pet Health Expert, delivering pet medications, food, health services and other products direct to the consumer at and through its toll-free number (1-800-PetMeds). PetMeds aims to be the most trusted pet health expert by providing incredible care and services that are affordable to the broadest group of pet parents--because every pet deserves to live a long, happy, healthy life.

A Letter From PETS’ New CEO…

It is with great excitement and an honor that I introduce myself as the incoming President and CEO of PetMed Express, Inc., (Nasdaq: PETS), dba PetMeds and parent company of PetCareRx. Stepping into this role, I am filled with enthusiasm and gratitude for the opportunity to join an organization whose mission resonates deeply with my own personal values and experiences. Equally important, I have been in awe of the unwavering dedication I have seen from our employees, each embodying the passion and commitment to support our customers’ needs. As a fellow pet parent with eight rescue horses, two rescue dogs, and one talkative senior cat, I understand the profound bond that exists between pets and their families and the importance of working with trusted veterinarians and vet technicians who provide incredible care and services. Throughout my career, I have consistently prioritized the needs of consumers and strived to establish vibrant, enduring brands that fulfill their promises of quality and value to their communities. I’ve also been keenly focused on the ever-evolving consumer landscape and have successfully transformed businesses for growth across digital retail through technology, innovative marketing direct to the consumer, and supply chain diversification. This new role allows me to draw upon my experiences and take the PETS business to new heights.

Our Philosophy

For over two decades as an online pet retailer, we have been pioneers in the digital space, and our customers have entrusted us with the care of their beloved pets. With tails wagging and purrs aplenty, our combined businesses of PetMeds + PetCareRx have catered to millions of delighted customers. We are wellness companions who are obsessed and dedicated in placing our customers and their pets at the center of everything we do. We strive to ensure that every interaction with our company reflects our underlying values of compassion, integrity, and dedication to providing safe, and exceptional care. I am deeply committed to advancing the company’s mission as we progress together with the expertise from our dedicated teams, including our staff veterinarians, accredited pharmacists, consulting nutritionists, customer service specialists, and logistics teams. They each play crucial roles in ensuring that all prescription and wellness products reach our customers’ hands as swiftly as possible and with the most up-to-date preventive and ailment symptom content available. To our customers delight, there is always a special treat with the unboxing experience!

Looking Forward

Our legacy hinges on our commitment to innovation, delivering seamless experiences, and paw-sitively contributing to a brighter, healthier future for pets everywhere. At PetMeds + PetCareRx, everything we do is rooted in delivering high quality, value-based care to millions of furry friends and their parents while delivering with greater speed and efficiency. I’m eager to build upon this solid foundation of trust and foster even more personalized and meaningful relationships at every touchpoint through advanced technology solutions, generative AI, and integrated marketing initiatives. We’re committed to providing exceptional value across both companies through our rewards and savings program, as well as offering ongoing benefits and advantages that make high-quality health products accessible to everyone. This will be an expansion of our existing loyalty program, including plans to add members to our PetAssure national employee benefits partnership. The time and money we already save customers with our Auto-Ship subscription platform cannot be underestimated, and we fully intend to expand the access to those benefits via the acceleration of our mobile app and reduced friction on our website. Our Veterinary Advisory Board will be instrumental in furthering our mission of enhancing our customer relationship through free live chats with vet technicians, creating more visibility and access to our Vet Live on-demand veterinary service partnership, and highlighting the benefits of life-long savings through our pet insurance partnerships. We plan to utilize the vet community, publishers, AI and machine learning to create and maintain our educational platform for dog, cat, and horse owners. We are confident that the future customer engagement solutions and innovative service initiatives, along with our highly curated product offerings will drive growth, improve outcomes, and increase our key customer satisfaction metrics.

Closing Thoughts

I am genuinely grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of pets and their loving owners. Our pet parents’ trust in us is deeply appreciated and as the new President and CEO, it is my privilege to become the caretaker of that trust. I am eagerly looking forward to the journey ahead.

With warmest regards, Sandra Campos,
PetMeds President and CEO

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